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EST is joining Lifeline Hunter and Central Coast for their “Challenge Yourself for Mental Health” campaign during October 2021.

Lifeline’s campaign page says that challenging ourselves, and meeting these goals can have a ripple effect through the whole community. We can inspire, support and build community confidence when we show our giving spirit.

The team at EST has chosen to take up a daily activity challenge and we’ve recruited an aspiring young coder to help us develop a “tricked up” online game of rock paper scissors (RPS).

13 year old Jett has taken up the challenge to create a digital rock paper scissors game where the player goes up against the “bot” and win, lose or tie, the player is awarded an activity challenge. If you win, you are awarded an easy activity challenge and if you lose, well, we hope you like burpees!

Team EST is going to play the Activity Challenge RPS every day for the month of October.

Come join the fun!

Play our rock paper scissors game below.

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Rock Paper Scissors


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