Our Story

Electronic Securities Technologies (EST) was founded in 2011 when Managing Director Nathan Cayirylys saw an opportunity to draw on his 20 years in security services and manufacturing to provide a customer-centric service offering to support businesses in mitigating risk and enhancing operational efficiency.

It is critically important to the EST team to stay abreast of the newest innovations in security and IT in order to deliver our customers the latest and greatest innovations; to protect their assets, to mitigate risk and provide peace of mind.

EST has clients in the hospitality sector, professional services, medical centres, industrial and mining, NDIS service organisations, the fitness industry and the retail sector.

“In a rapidly changing world with unprecedented growth in technology, we are in a prime position to provide tailored solutions to our customers whether they are looking to mitigate risk, enhance operational efficiency or unlock cost savings” - Nathan Cayirylys, Managing Director.


We are passionate about staying on top of the latest developments in technology.


When we deliver a solution, we back it up with unwavering support.


We commit to safe work practices and a safety first culture.


We value our stakeholder relationships and stand by our word.

Our Values

Our goal is to provide you with an all-encompassing, quality security solution that allows your organisation to operate efficiently, effectively and safely. Our mission is to deliver smart, safe security always.

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