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Nathan and the team are passionate about technology – that’s the difference; they have a genuine interest in the products and services they deliver, coupled with a customer-centric delivery model.


Managing Director

Nathan Cayirylys started in the security trade in Moree, NSW in 1991 as an apprentice radio fitter mechanic for North West Security, having shown a natural aptitude for working with technology. He moved to Newcastle in 1998 and subcontracted his services to a number of security companies before moving into the manufacture of high-end security products. Through working in security manufacture Nathan acquired an in-depth knowledge of cryptology and secure issuance which played an important role in the design of the Defence DCAC (Defence Common Access Card) system.

Nathan is a natural born problem solver who thrives on the challenge of a complex project. The ever-evolving security technology landscape ensures that Nathan stays abreast of the latest developments and how they can be implemented in industrial, commercial and domestic environments. By combining a results-driven approach with a genuine passion for security technologies and strong third-party relationships, Nathan is able to develop customised solutions for his clients according to their budget and operational needs.


Project Manager

With a strong background in project and team management, Steve joined the EST team in January 2017 and hit the ground running. With his natural aptitude for people and safety management Steve has implemented procedures for safety in the workplace, and strategies to improve efficiency and productivity within the team. Although not from an electronics and computing background, Steve has embraced the mechanics of electronics and security, and demonstrates a keen eye for detail and quality workmanship on every job he manages.

Steve is a qualified welder and holds a forklift licence; both a testament to his love of learning new skills, and keenness to be more equipped for industrial projects.


Service Technician

Joining the EST team in early 2018 as an apprentice, James has long had an interest in electronics and shown a flare for computer programming and logic control. A highly motivated team member, James completed his apprenticeship modules for a Certificate 3 in Telecommunications & Electronics in just over twelve months, while at the same time excelling in his field work. He will soon embark on a Certificate 4 in Information Technology Networking. His natural ability in programming and understanding technological advancements has made him a valued member of the team.


Indentured Apprentice

Starting in early 2019 as an apprentice with EST, Max keeps the team on their toes with his quick wit. He has a keen eye for detail and when given a set of tasks, will complete them efficiently.

Both Trey and Max are completing a Certificate 3 in Telecommunications & Electronics.


Indentured Apprentice

Starting in mid-2019 as an apprentice, Trey has shown a natural aptitude towards his trade. He is very thorough and takes to his work with enthusiasm and a high attention to detail.

Both Trey and Max are completing a Certificate 3 in Telecommunications & Electronics.

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